1. Starlamp. From my sketchbook.  

  2. Several days ago my washing machine’s soul left its body. Apparently Necromancers who specialise in washing machine’s do not come cheap or quickly. As such In the last few days I have become acquainted with washing things by hand. It is straight up Medieval. I am now convinced that the washing machine might be the finest invention of the modern era, though I suspect I would have that feeling towards any appliance that breaks in my domicile. A broken refrigerator might throw an equally large spanner in my works. Occasionally I wish I knew more about whatever dark art brings back whitegoods from beyond the river styx, as I fear that any attempt at my current skill level would reunite us on the wrong side. 

  3. Distilled Life

    Sentient food is all I see when I look at still life pics. Probably to make it more interesting to look at. 

  4. A short comic of an actual experience I had walking home from the supermarket the other day. If it had been a fiction then the lady would have been much younger (or I would have been many years older) and it would have been a meet cute wherein I rescued the umbrella in the most charming/disastrous way possible. But no. It was real life and there was nothing to do but stand and watch like a chump while the umbrella drifted away. 

  5. Having fun with lego and lettering. 

  6. detail 1
    detail 2

    Hand lettering, ink. 

    Learnt some interesting hazard symbols during the making of this one. There is one for miscellaneous hazards, in case you know something is dangerous but can’t be bothered to narrow it down I guess. 

  7. Breath. 

  8. Phoenix in a toaster. If only toast was also able to rise from the ashes

  9. Ideologue ink and digital


  10. alkzm asked: Pterasaurus pterasaurus pterasaurus... Anyone named Bronte?

    ha ha exactly my tour. i have wanted for such a long time to have a website called designosaur.com but is a parked domain for sale for like, thousands of dollars