1. Binary Romulus 505 x 700 mm Graphite and Ink

    Raised by digital wolves

  2. Selfless Ink and Graphite. 

  3. Digital Holiday 1100 x 890mm Pastel and Graphite. 

    My camera is very kind to blues.

    Computers are a new source of stress in people’s lives but also relaxation. I regularly fall asleep to ASMR vids.  

  4. Big ol drawing I did recently. 'Splaining 760 x 570 mm graphite and ink. 

  5. A glossary of Logical fallacies that I produced earlier this year. A lot of fallacies had very catchy names that sounded like novel titles, hence the format/feel of the work. 

  6. Birthday sketches with some new nibs. My spirit animal (otter) top. A breakfast being prepared below. 

  7. Identity: For a fictional company that sells genetically modified pets. The logo lettering is custom, borrowing from blackletter and didones that display the brand as a fashion statement as well as referencing its mythological nature . 

    This was a heap of fun and man oh man those animals took a hell of a long time to draw. So many tiny tiny lines. I will have to post a close up at some point to give some idea. 

  8. Getting political. 

  9. Poster, hand inked + digital colours

  10. PSA. After half reading one too many articles on what foods give you cancer I now kinda believe everything does.