1. A glossary of Logical fallacies that I produced earlier this year. A lot of fallacies had very catchy names that sounded like novel titles, hence the format/feel of the work. 

  2. Birthday sketches with some new nibs. My spirit animal (otter) top. A breakfast being prepared below. 

  3. Identity: For a fictional company that sells genetically modified pets. The logo lettering is custom, borrowing from blackletter and didones that display the brand as a fashion statement as well as referencing its mythological nature . 

    This was a heap of fun and man oh man those animals took a hell of a long time to draw. So many tiny tiny lines. I will have to post a close up at some point to give some idea. 

  4. Getting political. 

  5. Poster, hand inked + digital colours

  6. PSA. After half reading one too many articles on what foods give you cancer I now kinda believe everything does. 

  7. More screen printing work. Used a stencil technique for this one, rather than emulsion. It was a lot more work, but i was happy with the results. 

  8. Some screen printing I did earlier in the year. Lots of fun!

  9. Starlamp. From my sketchbook.  

  10. Several days ago my washing machine’s soul left its body. Apparently Necromancers who specialise in washing machine’s do not come cheap or quickly. As such In the last few days I have become acquainted with washing things by hand. It is straight up Medieval. I am now convinced that the washing machine might be the finest invention of the modern era, though I suspect I would have that feeling towards any appliance that breaks in my domicile. A broken refrigerator might throw an equally large spanner in my works. Occasionally I wish I knew more about whatever dark art brings back whitegoods from beyond the river styx, as I fear that any attempt at my current skill level would reunite us on the wrong side.